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Welcome to the Mahomet Troop 25 Website!

 NOTE: This website is no longer in use. The new Troop 25 
website is at
 Welcome to Mahomet Troop 25 at the Mahomet United Methodist Church!  We meet every Monday at 
7:00 pm, unless told otherwise.  If you are interested in joining, just go here.   We would be glad to add on
our troop!

Troop 25 Members:  Feel free to add any pictures and videos.  But please register with this website with a picture of yourself or something that represents you, or you will not be able to access all of the website.  All important pages are locked for members-only.  And please, if EACH INDIVIDUAL person could register, that would be great.  This is for CURRENT members only and if anyone is found to register that is not currently with the troop, your registration will be removed immediately.

If there are any problems, please contact the Scout Master for scouting issues/questions, or the webmaster for technical issues/questions


Email the Scout Master: Wayne Frankie

Email the Webmaster:  Landon Clipp

If for some reason your email is incorrect or hasn't been added to the mailing list, you can go to this form:

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About Us

The Mahomet Troop 25 is a Boy Scout troop that has great leadership and many fun and adventurous activities.  Troop 25 is a small troop, which is a good thing.  Why?  Well, with the bigger troops, there are more kids to look after (like making sure they are following along with the rest of the troop's learning), and it is easy for them to fall behind.  With small troops like us, everyone is well watched out for.  But even more, smaller troops like us get to go on much, much more outings than bigger troops.  Everyone is welcome, and we know that you will have a very fun time with us. 









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